We initiate and support research projects to deepen historical knowledge about Polish-Russian relations.

Since 1989 Poland has made efforts to develop strong, lasting relations with Russia. The results of the Polish-Russian Group for Difficult Issues clearly show that an important component in Polish-Russian dialogue is a clear understanding of common history and culture. Under the leadership of Professor Adam Daniel Rotfeld and Anatolii V. Torkunov, the Group’s results also indicated that objective analysis of this shared heritage is of utmost importance to Polish-Russian relations.

  • Academic research conducted by the Centre are directed towards deepening knowledge of historical Polish-Russian relations.
  • It supports efforts to rehabilitate the victims of Stalin’s regime as well projects that act to protect memory of the fate of Poles in Russia and that of Russians in Poland.
  • The Centre is additionally concerned with Polish national heritage, including the fate of cultural remnants which are within the current borders of the Russian Federation.

The Centre initiates, inspires, and supports the development of Polish-Russian research groups that carry out projects on historical topics, especially on such topics that remain sensitive for both Poland and Russia.

This support is based on the idea that reliable results act to counteract the falsification of history as well as the perpetuation of unfair stereotypes. Such results serve to explain old tragedies as well as more modern injuries, leading to increased understanding that will aid in overcoming these barriers to improved Polish-Russian.

The Centre also encourages research on economic, political, and social conditions related to contemporary Polish-Russian relations, particularly as concerns analysis that will contribute to combating prejudices and stereotypes.

This should serve to improve conditions for the development of Polish-Russian relations in the future.

Our current research projects:

Completed research projects:

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