CIRCLES OF THE REVOLUTION. Internal and International Consequences of the Year 1917 in Russia

Round anniversaries of historical events always urge scholars to discuss causes and effects of the latter. The Russian Revolution belongs without any doubts to such events. Yet so far, scholars’ attention has been devoted mainly to internal aspects of processes and occurrences, which led to the transformation of the Russian Empire into the Soviet Union. During conference organized by the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding we would like to broaden this scope and discuss also following issues: political, social, ideological and cultural impact of the revolution on the Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, reaction and reception of the revolution in Western Europe, situation in the Russian provinces and on the territory of the Empire’s western borderlands contemporary states of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and, finally, the vision of the revolution in the historical memory of peoples and nations, which formerly lived in the Russian Empire.

when: 16-17 October, 2017, Monday-Tuesday
where: Centrum Sztuki FORT Sokolnickiego, 51 Stefana Czarnieckiego St., Warsaw
languages: PL, RU, EN


Circles of the Revolution - programme

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