In the Centre's lens

The project "In the Centre’s lens" strives to show in an attractive way the relationship between two neighboring countries. Short videos help to understand the (often very complex) aspects of Polish-Russian relations.

The common history of Poland and Russia is long, complex and constantly present in media. But what do we really know about each other? How do Russians perceive Polish culture and Poles? And the other way round, what do Poles know about one of their biggest neighbors? We also asked about intercultural relations, mutual stereotypes and models of masculinity and femininity.

Our opinion polls show that Poles do not think of  Russians badly: "Although they are culturally and mentally quite distant, they have though qualities that make Poles respect them and feel a kind of kinship – they are perceived as open, welcoming, hospitable, and capable of an honest conversation". On the other hand, the Russian state is perceived as "unfriendly, not trustworthy, authoritarian, and at the same time, badly organized and inefficient, full of contrasts and pathologies".

The goal of the films we create is to show relations at the level of societies. What connects us, what divides us, and where can we find a platform for communication? You will learn all this from our two projects:

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