Miłość polsko / russkaja lubow (Polish-Russian love)

The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding invites you to watch a documentary series directed by Paweł Nazaruk and Tomek Adamski Miłość polsko / russkaja lubow.

Polish-Russian love. Possible? Difficult? Love overcomes everything! Unless there is a Poland-Russia match or hot water gets switched off in Russia. Miłość polsko / russkaja lubow is above all a look at intercultural relationships. Seven Polish-Russian couples shared their experiences and told us about what connects and divides them, and where they find a platform for agreement. Eight short episodes show different stages of relationships, from the day of getting to know each other until now. As part of each episode, the couples answered questions about such issues as mutual stereotypes, family relationships, holidays, history, politics, mutual models of masculinity and femininity, marriage, children and many more. The whole project is a warm, often funny, and sometimes touching story about human relationships and the fact that love, in fact, conquers all.

We invite you to watch the trailer of the series:

The series was produced by DogFilm Studio. The directors were:  Paweł Nazaruk, producer, director and cameraman, creator of documentaries awarded both in Poland and abroad (Dziura do piekła [A hole to hell], To się ciagle wydarza [It happens all the time], Searching for hell) and Tomek Adamski, director, culture and film expert,  and co-creator of one of the most well-known Polish film festivals, Żubroffka.

episode 1 

About the beginnings and first impressions

episode 2 

Who kissed first?

episode 3 

About "strangers" in the family

episode 4 

Why wait so long?

episode 5 

Wedding is in the church, in the church or in the mosque?

episode 6 

Who rules at home?

episode 7 

When yours become ours?

episode 8

Where are the roots?

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