Poles about Russians, Russians about Poles

Was Newton a Pole and Pythagoras a Russian?

What is Poland famous for in Russia, and how do Poles perceive Russians? The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding invites you to test mutual cultural and social knowledge, that is, "Russians about Poles and Poles about Russians".

The project "Poles about Russians and Russians about Poles" presents the mutual perception of both cultures at a "human" level, far from politics and media. As part of the project, we carried out six thematic polls covering various spheres of socio-cultural life in both Poland and Russia. More than one hundred people took part in these polls in both countries, and they shared their opinions on the following topics:

episode #1A Famous Pole (male)

episode #2A Famous Pole (female)

episode #3A What do the Poles eat?

episode #4A Word in Polish

episode #5A What Polish thing do you have?

episode #6A What do Poles do well? 

episode #1B Famous Russian (male)

episode #2B Famous Russian (female)

episode #3B What do the Russians eat?

episode #4B Word in Russian

episode #5B What Russian thing do you have?

episode #6B What do Russians do well?


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