Open Academic Paper Competition for Students and Doctoral Candidates in 2018 under the title ‘Contemporary Academic Topics’ in memory of Oleg Ken

Open Academic Paper Competition for Students and Doctoral Candidates under the title ‘Contemporary Academic Topics’ to honour the memory of Oleg Ken has taken place since 2008 on the initiative of Vera Ken. It aims to create a space for free exchange of ideas and views for young researchers in the area of the history of Russia, Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century.

Each year the competition touches different research issues, with a particular focus on the history of Poland and Russia. Students, postgraduates and young scientists working in educational institutions are invited to write an essay or a research paper on one of the topics. The winners are selected by the Council experts, the best works are awarded with money prizes and a trip to Saint Petersburg.

Oleg Ken was a Russian historian and scholar born in the southern Urals. Known as an author of many works on the political history of Russia in the 20th century, history of the Soviet party apparatus and political repression, as well as the history of Poland. He wrote books, articles and reviews on the relations of the Soviet Union with western countries.

After his death, Vera Ken decided to continue his work:

"Oleg Nikolayevich for many years was detached from work at the university and only returned to lectures in the last two years of his short life. He worked at the University of Herzen and contact with students gave him a great satisfaction. He was pleased with the opportunity to teach and I would like to continue the work of my husband."

Organisers of the competition: The Polish Institute in St. Petersburg, The St. Petersburg Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences and The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding. 

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