Cultural text. The thing about animation

The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding and Museum of Cinematography invites for the presentation of Polish and Russian animation and debate.

Animation has a huge artistic value, but is often in the shadow of a large cinematography. In Poland and Russia this direction has rich traditions and a variety of genres - there are dramas with elements of absurdity, and black comedies, and eternal topics of love, friendship, evil.

What is the role of animation in the contemporary cultural context of the two countries? Is its world closed, based on isolated forms? Or an animated movie is just a pop-cultural story, in which everyday life is reflected?

In the course of the discussion, we will discuss animation as a changeable phenomenon, which in recent years has transcended the aesthetic and technical limitations inherent in it. The modern animation industry will be examined from the point of view of artists' ambitions, audience needs, difficulties on the way to the viewer, the role of the Internet and the place of the state here. And, of course, our guests will answer the question, who today shoots relevant and interesting cartoons and where do these cartoons look?

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