Unknown victims of Katyn? List of missing persons in the North-Eastern provinces of the Second Polish Republic from 17 September 1939 to June 1940, Maciej Wyrwa

The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding - in cooperation with the Osrodek KARTA, the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom and the Institute of National Remembrance - decided to try to reconstruct the 'Belarusian List' of Katyn Victims, using all available today's materials. The results of the research work that we present to all our readers do not fill the gap related to the disappearance or concealment of the original "Belarusian list'.

Our publication is a tribute to the victims of the Katyn massacre, which have not lasted to to see their commemoration. It is their monument, although surely incomplete and inaccurate.

The publication brings with itself another message - Polish citizens, murdered by the NKVD, had names, and the memory of them requires something more than the bare statistics. Poland does not give up and cannot give up its efforts to identify all the Poles and Polish citizens - victims of Stalin's terror. This important element of Polish politics of memory should be promoted among Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and all other nations that significantly longer than the Poles experienced murderous impact of Soviet totalitarianism.

Source: Foreword, Sławomir Dębski

Publication (in Polish) can be download here: PDFEPUBMOBI

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