Pocket football Russian-Polish and Polish-Russian dictionary

The dictionary is addressed to all football lovers. It contains not only the basic vocabulary and phrases, the official sports terms, but also words and phrases used in the Polish and Russian football sociolect, as well as some popular expressions from players’ and fans’ jargon. This dictionary is intended to help Polish fans overcome the language barrier during their stay in Russia – mainly in social conversations about football during the championship. (from the introduction)

In order to meet the needs of football fans heading for the World Cup, the dictionary also includes phrases facilitating communication in situations not directly related to football, such as in a hotel or restaurant.

Edition: first
Release date: 2018
Author: Yury Fedorushkov
ISBN 978-83-64486-63-0

The glossary in an electronic version can be downloaded in PDF, MOBI or EPUB format. If you are interested in a printed version, please visit the Centre after making an appointment (cprdip@cprdip.pl, +48 22 295 00 30).

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