International Summer School “The Past in the Present - History, Law and Memory”

In lovely Masurian Folwark Łękuk during our 3rd International Summer School participants from Poland, Germany, Russia and Ukraine and other Central and Eastern Europe countries will learn how to use a legal perspective in historical assessments. International legal perspective will be shown as a tool, supporting the work of historians, a tool useful to help assess historical events in a balanced manner, not based on mutually exclusive national interpretations. Summer School should help in establishing of personal contacts between young researchers from neighboring countries, with history full of mutual conflicts.

  • Participants: 20 PhD students, young researchers or people engaged in public affairs from Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and others Central and Eastern Europe countries. Very good passive and active knowledge of English, official language of the School, is required.
  • Lecturers: Eminent historians, international lawyers and political scientists. Participation was already confirmed by prof. Klaus Bachmann (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities), prof. Georgiy Kasyanov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), prof.  Władysław Czapliński (Polish Academy of Science).
  • Programme: Exclusive lectures, case studies and workshops about the meaning of international law for historical research and legal aspects of the memory policy. Discussions among international experts. Seminars on the significance of political gestures and symbolic acts for international relations, transitional justice, and terminology - of which misinterpretation lead to disagreements.
  • Date and Place: 2-8 September 2018. Folwark Łękuk  in the Masurian Lakeland.
  • Requirements: A candidate shall provide a CV and cover letter in English. Documents shall be sent by e-mail to Rafał 
  • We cover: accommodation, meals, participation in lectures and seminars, background materials, as well as transportation from Warsaw to Folwark Łękuk and back. Successful candidates from non-EU countries will receive a formal invitation to facilitate visa procedures. We also cover up to 200 EUR transport expenditures for participants from all countries except Poland.

Download: International Summer School

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