Polish-Russian School Afloat finished its cruise.

- It is the end of the life adventure. Packing, cleaning Pogoria and then its transfer to the next crew. Last photo session and lots of tears. Despite difficult conditions in which they lived for the past two months nobody wants to go home. This is another proof that young people need clear rules and firm hand. They loved Pogoria and many of them probably wants to go back on it.

/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek



Cruise of Pogoria coming to an end.

- Porto Santo Stefano on Monte Argentario. Another beautiful village situated on the slopes of the mountains. We're going to visit the port authority Guardia Costiera. Youth attentively listens to the deputy commandant's stories about tasks of this service. We also meet the rescuers who first reached the sinking ship Costa Concordia. We also have an opportunity to visit SAR boats, which captains bring us into the world of the technical details of these vehicles.
/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


Landlubbers became sea dogs. Pogoria crew had w sea baptism.

- For the second time we cross the meridian and on this occasion we organise a sea baptism for the youth. We prepare a variety of activities, which we keep in secret from them. At the beginning  they have to cross an obstacle course where they elbow themselves between lying ropes. A jelly spilled on the deck helps them. Then they have a medical appointment and after that a time for tasty snack prepared by the chief cook comes. The snack causes strange grimaces on the faces of young people. A little bit of liniment of various colours, bath under a water stream from a fire hose and a visit in the Maritime Office, where they receive "security card" written in Morse code.

Prepared like that they face the formidable Neptune and his beautiful wife Proserpine. They answer difficult questions asked by the god of the sea, kiss Prosperpine's foot and receive their new Marine name, which they can read from the "security card". The awarding ceremony put on this momentous event.

/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


In Malaga Pogoria crew visited a Russian sailing ship Shtandart.

- Malaga welcomed the crew of Polish-Russian School Afloat with cloudy weather. Pogoria moored, to the delight of Russian sailors, next to the Russian sailing ship Shtandart, which is a wooden replica of the eighteenth-century one. The owner and captain – Russian – built it in St. Petersburg with only a group of friends. They took care of all the details - tackling, masts;  everything above the deck was reconstructed with enormous elaborateness. Shtandart’s Captain visited our captain, and invited him to visit this unique ship the next morning. Kids  were  invited to enter the spars and marl out the sails to set off to the sea. Everyone wanted to go. The work was done very smoothly and nobody wished to descend. What is more, they could admire Pogoria from 35-meter high mast of another ship.

/II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


Two days in Gibraltar. 

The Pogoria crew went on a trip to the Rock of Gibraltar. It took us half an hour to climb the stone steps. The kids counted every step  while climbing to the top (700 steps). The view was trully breathtaking.

We did not expect to meet monkeys-thieves  there and we had to watch out for our backpacks. After descending we had some free time and in the evening Captain Baranowski told us a few stories about previous editions of the School Afloat.

/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


Pogoria entered a harbour on Porto Santo, a small island in the archipelago of Madeira.

- We moored in the port of Vila Baleira, the biggest town on the island. In the morning we visited a local school and at the afternoon group of Portuguese students visited us. After their visit we organised a  tournament of the watches. A relay in four disciplines caused intense emotions. The second watch (Arina, Avelina, Maja, Martyna, Arseniy, Bartosz, Michał and Paweł) won after the extra time.

/II Officer Zbigniew Bosek

Our next goal is to cross the Straits of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea. All days on the sea are devoted to education  and days in the harbours to sightseeing and getting to know other cultures.


The crew of the Polish-Russian School Afloat spent two days in Cascais near Lisbon - aquarium, fado and beach.

First we had a ride on the iconic tram 28, a visit in the aquarium and a walk around the city. We admired the mosaic facades of the buildings and churches’ interiors. There was a fado music all around and a perfect weather for sightseeing - not so sunny day and 20 degrees. In the afternoon, Dr Milosz took young people to the beach. A swim in the cold Atlantic Ocean did not last long. To warm up young people played a football game. In the evening, we raised anchor and set off. Our next port is Porto Santo in the Madeira Archipelago.

/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


Pogoria crew meets with Tomasz Cichocki before his another attempt to sail alone around the world.

It is Tomasz Cichocki’s third attempt  to sail alone around the world (in the easterly direction) and he sets off from a Portuguese village - Leixões. That's the reason why Pogoria moored to this harbour.

Captain Tomasz Cichocki visited Pogoria, met with youth and had a dinner together with them. Of course, we did not forget to take a photo  of Polish-Russian School Afloat crew with both captains.

In the evening, in a marina, Polish and Russian youth helped Captain Tom reberth his yacht closer to make easier for him to drop the lines and set off to his next voyage. The next day Pogoria escorted  Tomasz Cichocki to the waters of Atlantic. They sailed together. Pogoria - with young people on board, and next to it Delphia Glaspo under  unfurled sails – with captain Cichocki.

One last wishes "strong winds" and Glaspo disappears behind the horizon.

II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


The Pogoria casts anchor in Leca da Palmeira near Porto.

Captain made an unexpected decision and tonight we anchored in Leca de Palmeira near Porto. This morning we cleaned up quickly, checked the order in forecastles and got ashore on rafts. Only 40-minute ride by bus to Porto city centre. Youth supervised by teachers, youth explored this beautiful city. Narrow streets, descending steeply to the river, and above them a two-level bridge built by a disciple of Gustav Eiffel. In the evening we returned to the ship, where a  big surprise awaited us.

/ II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


Eight days of rip-roaring sailing behind the Pogoria crew.

We had tremendous  conditions: a strong and favourable wind. A boredom on a board: lessons, watches, cleaning and meals. Days go by quickly, and we can realise it’s Sunday  just because there are scrambled eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner. No breaks in on-board education. After two weeks of voyage “The effects of our work on youth can be shown. A group of unruly young people is becoming slowly  an efficient crew” - reports II Officer Zbigniew Bosek.

A sample schedule of one watch:

06.30 wake-up call 
06.40 morning gymnastics
07:00 - 07.30 cleaning in forecastles
07.30 - 08.30 breakfast
08.30 - 13.20 lessons (every day except those in ports)
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch
16:00 - 20:00 navigational watch
18.30 - 19.30 dinner
20:00 - 21.30 after-school activities
22:00 - lights-out
4:00 - 08.00 navigational watch


The crew of Polish Russian School Afloat left Pogoria for a day to see Shetland Islands.



Shetland Islands - a hilly, evergreen archipelago, practically without any trees, but with a very beautiful landscape. We went to the southern tip of the main island of the archipelago to see the remains of Viking settlements in Jarslhof. The settlement is situated on the seafront and has become not only a tourist attraction, but also a great place for a plein-air photography. Young people using their bodies did two inscriptions - Pogoria in Polish and Russian and other funny figures. Even tonight we are setting off to the south, as a favorable wind is blowing. There are two thousand miles of sailing ahead and two weeks with no contact at all. - said II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


After four days of sailing the crew of Polish-Russian School Afloat reached to port in Lerwick.

- We had a favorable wind - 8 on the Beaufort scale. Huge waves decimated the crew, wardroom was deserted, and the officers had to wash the dishes. There was a lack of space on a deck - the youth was laying there and suffering from seasickness. On the third day, life returned to normal and a smile returned on the faces of young people. Cook Sylwek does miracles to satisfy our appetites. Life on a deck goes on, lessons has already started, the first tests were carried out. Regular watches continue smoothly, as seasickness is not an excuse. - said II Officer Zbigniew Bosek


The crew of Pogoria is sailing all day and night to moor in Lerwick soon.

But before the youth of Polish-Russian School Afloat went to the sea, they had had to learn wheel orders in three languages: English, Polish and Russian. Here are some of them:

  • Hard to port/ Hard to Starboard; Ster prawo/ lewo na burtę; Руля вправо/ влево на борт
  • Steady as she goes, Keep her so; Tak trzymać; Так держать
  • Ten to Starboard; Zmienić kurs o 10 stopni w prawo/ lewo; Изменить курс на 10 гр. вправо/влево
  • Ready to jibe/ prepare to jibe!; Do zwrotu przez rufę!; Поворот через фордевинд!
  • Ease the sheets!; Poluzować szoty!; Раздернуть шкоты!
  • Engine stand- by!; Silnik w gotowości!; Машина готова!
  • Slow ahead/ astern; Mała naprzód/ wstecz; Малый вперед/ назад
  • Drop the anchor; Kotwicę rzuć; Отдать якорь


That is how Pogoria with a crew of Polish-Russian School Afloat went to sea from the Dutch port in IJmuiden two days ago.

Now Pogoria is sailing towards Lerwick and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the journey without a storm!


The crew of the third Polish-Russian School Afloat went out to sea!

Follow the current location of Pogoria: live.adventuretracking.com/pogoria

We went out to sea, a strong wind is blowing, waves are very high. We are working very hard. There are already a few sickness casualties. We are sailing to Lerwic. For the next five days there will be no connection with us. - said II oficer Zbigniew Bosek


Polish-Russian School Afloat took part in Sail Amsterdam!

Every five year sailing ships from all over the world come to Amsterdam, moor in port and let everybody interested in sailing get on a deck. Then everybody sail out and participate in official parade.

- At the grandstand-level we heard a cannon shot, a few welcome words to Pogoria and the Polish anthem. Youth dressed in our cruise T-shirts lined up to the side parade. After passing the grandstand the captain gave the order: "On yards!" Within several minutes 32 girls and boys climbed on the 35-meter foremast and set the yard parade to the great satisfaction of Dutch.- said II officer Zbigniew Bosek


Polish-Russian School Afloat has begun! Youth from Poland and Russia came to Amsterdam, from where they sail on a cruise.

Youth from Rzhev (tverskaya oblast) came to Warsaw, where they met their Polish friends for the first time.

But before they all started they journey to the Netherlands, the Russian youth was welcomed at the Centre by the Director Slawomir Debski and Captain Krzysztof Baranowski.

Director Debski's first words was to congratulate the victory in qualifications in Rzhev and to wish perseverance during the sail.

I believe that Polish-Russian School Afloat will remain in your memory a life time, but above all things, I hope that thank to it, you will gain friendships and they turn into a long, Polish-Russian cooperation. - said Dębski.

Captain Krzysztof Baranowski, whereas checked youth's ability to make sail knots, questioned the sails names in English, because the English is the official language on a deck of Pogoria.

The next day the Polish youth arrived to Warsaw. Everyone gathered on the Parade Square near the Palace of Culture and Science, where the bus, packed to the brim with food, took them to Amsterdam.

The whole crew came to the capital of the Netherlands in the morning the next day and directed their first steps on a deck of Pogoria. Now youth is waiting for a training of setting the sails, moving on the deck, on the yards and soon start sailing on a cruise around Europe.


The crew is finally known. It is time to divide the youth into watches. Here is the crew of School Afloat 2015, which go for a sail under the command of Captain Krzysztof Baranowski 23rd August.

It will certainly not be easy, but as shown by the long experience of captain - the sea is the best teacher.

This year's qualifications to the next edition of School Afloat was held: in Russia - Rzhev (Tverskaya oblast), in Poland - Gizycko. 

Only the best ones made on a deck - outstanding volunteers and those in the best physical shape. Qualifying conditions were similar on the botsh sides: 400 meters run, 50 meters swim, pulling up on a horizontal bar (at least 3 times) and English test which is the language on a deck.

Of the nearly 90-people group of Polish youth 8 girls and 8 boys go on a sail. On the Russian side was similar, although the number of participants was smaller. 

Others edition of "Polish-Russian School Afloat":

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