The pilot edition of the "Polish-Russian School Afloat" - 2012

- School Afloat is for those who want to cross narrow horizons of selfishness and to take the plunge – get to know what hard work on board of a sailing ship means, without losing anything from the school programme. Thanks to the  sea and its advantages, we educate the new elite - explains cpt. Baranowski

Within the confines of Plish-Russian School Afloat two Russian youths sailed on a cruise around Europe with captain Krzysztof Baranowski and Polish participants. They set off in September 2012 from the Świnoujście  harbour and on board of „Pogoria” sailed for a six-week cruise on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

On 7 November (after the cruise) Polish and Russian Centres of Dialogue and Understanding organised  a press conference in Moscow on the project and planned activities for 2013. A similar conference of Polish Centre was held on 22 November in Warsaw. Both events served not only the discussion on the completed project, but also outlining plans for 2013, which means a several months long "Polish-Russian School Afloat". In December, the Centre signed an agreement with the School Afloat Foundation on the project organisation in 2013.

Other editions of Polish-Russian School Afloat:

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