In 2015 the Centre organised already the forth edition of "Polish-Russian School Afloat". 

This year's qualifications to the next edition of School Afloat was held: in Russia - Rzhev (Tverskaya oblast), in Poland - Gizycko.  Only the best ones made on a deck - outstanding volunteers and those in the best physical shape. Qualifying conditions were similar on the botsh sides: 400 meters run, 50 meters swim, pulling up on a horizontal bar (at least 3 times) and English test which is the language on a deck.

Youth from Rzhev (tverskaya oblast) came to Warsaw, where from in the end of August with their Polish friends went to Amsterdam, where Pogoria was already waiting for them. 25 August youth and teachers went out to the sea for a 2-month cruise, visiting Shetland Islands, Portugal and Italy. 

I believe that Polish-Russian School Afloat will remain in your memory a life time, but above all things, I hope that thank to it, you will gain friendships and they turn into a long, Polish-Russian cooperation. - said Sławomir Dębski, director of the Centre.

Youth, besides educational programme, learned responsibility for themsevles and a whole group, loyality and perseverance in achiving goals. The cruise helped them to overcome their own weaknesses and arused curiosity.

We invite you to read the full report from the cruise, as well as log deck by Oleg Bespalov, one of the teachers at Pogoria. Diary written in Russian.

Other editions of "Polish-Russian School Afloat":

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