Uniate Church – history of idea

Research Project Leaders: prof. Andrzej Gil and prof. Ihor Skoczylas

New research project, started by the Centre in November 2016, aims to deepen knowledge about the Uniate Church, known today as the Greek Catholic Church, in the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and partitioned Poland (1795–1918). Assessment of causes and results of the Union of Brest is a bone of contention dividing Polish and Russian historiography as well as it evokes emotions of public opinion. It is also one of the biggest obstacles in the path to ecumenical dialogue between Catholic and Orthodox Church (first of Moscow Patriarchate).

  • The goal of this project is to publish multilanguage literature, archival sources and a volume dedicated to the history of Uniate Church. It will discuss what impact have myths and misunderstandings concerning the Uniate Church on the historiographical and ecumenical dialogue. The publication is scheduled for mid-2019.


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