The first edition of the scholarship programme in the academic year 2012/2013

The scholarships are awarded annually and intended for Russian researchers or people working in the Russian scientific institutions. The committee appointed by the director of the Centre evaluates the scientific value of the project, the applicant's academic achievements, as well as the relevance of the proposed research agenda for Polish-Russian dialogue and understanding.

Scholarship winners:

  • Dr. Svetlana Mulina, Omsk State Agrarian University, "Polish diaspora in Western Siberia in the first half of the nineteenth century.", scholarship amount: 30 000 PLN
  • Dr. Jelena Slobodian, Bashkir State Pedagogical University, "Comparative study of everyday culture of Russians and Poles, presented in the poems" Pan Tadeusz "and" Eugene Onegin "," scholarship amount: 34 920 PLN
  • Tatiana Khripachenko, Central European University in Budapest, "The idea of ​​decentralization and the challenges of nationalism: the concept of "autonomy "and" federation "in Russian liberal discourse (late 19th - early 20th century)", scholarship amount: 24 000 PLN

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