The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding awarded 10 Russian researchers in the academic year 2015/2016

The total amount of grants was 122 953 PLN, from 4 921 to 23 280 PLN.

Scholarship winners:

  • Dr. Victor Khrul, Department of Journalism at Moscow State University,  "Mediatisation of religion in Russia and Poland",
  • Prof. Rustem Cyunchuk, Kazan State University, "Polish factor in shaping the Russian parliamentary and parliamentary culture: Polish Circle and Kresy Circle  in the State Duma and the State Council of the Russian Empire (1906-1917)",
  • Dmitry Deniskov, Saint Petersburg State University, the issue of diplomatic relations and the possibilities of dialogue in Eastern Europe at the end of 16th century,
  • Dr. Olga Fomicheva, Russian State University for the Humanities, "Participation of the Warsaw University lecturers in the realisation of state policy in the Kingdom of Poland in the 80s of 19th century.",
  • Dr. Natalia Jacob, the Institute of Art Knowledge of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation,  "Memory rituals in Polish and Russian theaters",
  • Dr. Kirill Kochegarov, the Institute of Slavic Studies of RAS, analysis of Russian policy in the 17th and 18th centuries against the Orthodox Church in the Rzeczpospolita and its role in relations between two countries,
  • Prof. Marina Makarova, Udmurt State University, "Sociocultural characteristics of academic ethics of Polish and Russian universities: a comparative analysis",
  • Dr. Alexandr Salenko, Kaliningrad State University, "Constitutional reforms in Russia and Poland: contemporary history and current problems",
  • Elena Vyalceva, Samara State University, the Polish diaspora in the Samara,
  • Dr. Vadim Volobuyev, the Institute of Slavic Studies of RAS, the biography of Pope John Paul II.

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