1st Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for girls and boys from Poland and Russia

Giżycko, 25-27 May 2012.

As a measure of support to youth exchanges the Centre organised on 25-27 May in Giżycko the first Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for Boys and Girls.

In the championship took part teams of twelve children in two age categories: 10-11 years and 12-13 years, Pomerania (four teams), Warmia and Masuria (five teams) and the Kaliningrad Oblast (seven teams). Overall, the competition was attended by over 180 children from Poland and Russia. Championship was held during the celebration of the 450th anniversary of Giżycko. Partners and co-organizers of the event were: Masurian Football Academy, Giżycko Town Hall, Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Giżycko, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Polish Consulate-General in Kaliningrad.

For the first two days of the championship children competed on two sport fields "Orlik" by playing matches round robin. The boys played 2x15 minutes, girls 2x12 minutes. Because the games were held only before lunch, children spent the afternoons discovering Giżycko, swimming on boats along the Masurian lakes and enjoying bonfires. The culmination of the championship were Sunday games of mixed Polish-Russian teams. The Centre ordered sportswear especially for this occasion. Information about the championship appeared, among others, in national press and electronic media ("Rzeczpospolita", "PAP", Portal Giżycko). The tournament was also described in local newspapers and local television (TVP Olsztyn).

Other editions of Football Championship:

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