2nd Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for girls and boys from Poland and Russia.

The tournament took place on 16-18 May 2013 in Gdansk.

16 teams took part in the championship. Each team consisted of twelve children in two age categories: 10-11 years and 12-13 years, from Pomorskie (4 teams) and Warmińsko-Mazurskie (4 teams) Voivodships and from the Russian Federation’s Kaliningrad Oblast (8 teams). Overall, the championship was attended by 192 children from Poland and Russian. Partners and co-organizers of the project beside the Centre were: the Gdańsk Town Office, Gdańsk Centre for Physical Culture and the Polish Consulate-General in Kaliningrad.

- Sport has always been an investment into the future. Organising an annual Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for children we want to contribute to the advancement of good neighbourly relations - says the Sławomir Dębski, director of the Centre.

- Last year’s  Championship in Giżycko showed that children from Poland and Russia can have fun together, compete and, above all, come to an agreement, even if their language skills don’t always allow for that - said director Dębski. - The games in May were the first event of the Championship after the local border traffic was opened. Gdańsk is a global symbol of dialogue. We are pleased that this year it hosted the young Polish and Russian sportsmen!

Championship results:

Younger boys (10-11 years)

  1. FC Baltica Kaliningrad (Russia)
  2. Primary School No. 3 Morag (Poland)
  3. Primary School No. 5 in Kaliningrad (Russia)
  4. Primary School No. 42 Gdańsk (Poland)

Older boys (12-13 years)

  1. FC Baltica Kaliningrad (Russia)
  2. Korona Mazur Szczytno (Poland)
  3. Primary School No. 42 Gdańsk (Poland)
  4. Yunost 'Kaliningrad (Russia)

Younger girls (10-11 years)

  1. Club LUKS Sport z Kulturą WCR Wydminy (Poland)
  2. Boltunya 4 Kaliningrad (Russia)
  3. GASP Gdańsk (Poland)
  4. Boltunya 3 Kaliningrad (Russia)

Older girls (12-13 years old)

  1. Debeściaki Węgorzewo (Poland)
  2. Venera Kaliningrad (Russia)
  3. Chaika Kaliningrad (Russia)
  4. Primary School No. 5 Gdańsk (Poland)

Other editions of Football Championship:

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