4th Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area - Wydminy 2015.

The 4th Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for girls and boys from Poland and Russia took place on 14-15 May 2015 in Wydminy. The event was organised by the Centre in cooperation with Dystans Foundation, the Municipal Office of Wydminy and Sport Club LUKS.

The tournament was attended by almost 200 children, forming 8 Polish and 8 Russian teams.

Wydminy is a leading centre of girl’s football. It's the perfect place to build bridges between young Polish and Russian people and to strengthen the social dimension of the Local Border Traffic.


Girls (U-12)

  1. Luks Kormoran Brzydowo (Poland)
  2. Bałtunija Kaliningrad (Балтуния) (Russia)
  3. SP w Łebuni (Poland)
  4. Junost’ Kaliningrad (Юность) (Russia)

Girls (U-14)

  1. Orliki Jezierzyce (Poland)
  2. Futbolistki ZSO Wydminy (Poland)
  3. Forward Kaliningrad (Форвард) (Russia)
  4. Lokomotiw Kaliningrad (Локомотив) (Russia)

Boys (U-12)

  1. SP nr 3 w Olecku (Poland)
  2. FK Bałtika Kaliningrad (ФК Балтика) (Russia)
  3. Orlik Reda (Poland)
  4. SDUSSHOR NR 5 Kaliningrad (CДЮСШОР-5) (Russia)

Boys (U-14)

  1. FK Bałtika (ФК Балтика) (Russia)
  2. Zespół Szkół nr 4 Pruszcz Gdański (Poland)
  3. SDUSSHOR NR 5 Kaliningrad (CДЮСШОР-5) (Rosja)
  4. Luks Sport z Kulturą ZSO Wydminy (Poland)

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