3rd Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for girls and boys from Poland and Russia.

The tournament was held on 15-18 May 2014 in Olsztyn.

Football Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area was held for the third time. On the pitch of Olsztyn played children teams from Warmia, Masuria, Pomerania and Kaliningrad Oblast.  The event was organised by the Centre, Olsztyn Town Office, Centre for Sports and Recreation in Olsztyn, with the support of the Polish Consulate- General in Kaliningrad.

In the championship competed 16 teams and nearly 200 children from Poland and Russia, both boys and girls aged 10-13 years, who played on two sports fields "Orlik" in Olsztyn matches in round robin.

16 teams qualified for the championship, 8 from Poland (four from Warmia, Masuria, Pomerania) and 8 from Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). The culmination of the event was a match played by mixed teams of Polish and Russian players.

Championship results:

Younger boys (10-11 years)

  1. Don Bosco Ostroda (Poland)
  2. FK Baltika (ФК Балтика) (Russia)
  3. Yunost '04 (Юность 04) (Russia)
  4. Huragan SP Prabuty (Poland)

Older boys  (12-13 years)

  1. Gymnasium No. 12 Olsztyn (Poland)
  2. School Complex No. 4 Pruszcz Gdansk (Poland)
  3. FK Baltika (ФК Балтика) (Russia)
  4. Yunost '(Юность) (Russia)

Younger girls (10-11 years)

  1. GKS Stomilanki Gietrzwałd (Poland)
  2. Lokomotiv (Локомотив) (Russia)
  3. GOSRIT Luzino (Poland)
  4. Yunost '(Юность) (Russia)

Older girls (12-13 years old)

  1. KKP Stomil Olsztyn (Poland)
  2. GOSRIT Luzino (Poland)
  3. Molodyozhnyi Center (Молодежный центр) (Russia)
  4. OPK Moskovskoye (ОПК Московское) (Russia)


Other editions of Football Championship:

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