Centrum Polsko-Rosyjskiego Dialogu i Porozumienia ogłasza IX edycję Otwartego Konkursu!

The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding announces the 9th edition of the Open Competition for co-financing of projects undertaken to promote dialogue and understanding in Polish-Russian relations.

We want to support and finance projects, the integral part of which are educational elements, familiarizing with information about contemporary Poland and Russia and deepening knowledge about the history and culture of both nations. Each project ought to have a clearly defined goal, subject, and schedule. However, we do not impose what kind of projects are to be carried out and in what form. We are waiting for interesting and valuable initiatives and invite you to participate in the Open Competition.


The application and the documents constituting the attachments to the application, i.e: 

1. schedule concerning the implementation of the project

2. the grounds of the project in accordance with the criteria referred to in § 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of 10 October 2011 on  the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding granting the co-financing of projects undertaken for the benefit of dialogue and understanding in Polish-Russian relations (The Official Journal of Law, item 1335)

3. statement on meeting the conditions set out in Article 25 of the Act of 25 March 2011 on the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding (The Official Journal of Law of 2016, item 494)

4. a statement concerning the application

5. information about the project

shall be drawn up using the application generator available at the following address: http://otwartykonkurs.cprdip.pl

Applications may be submitted until 10 March 2020.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for funding?

The Open Competition is addressed to public, academic and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and local governments. Individuals can also apply for funding.

How to fill in and where to submit an application?

One applicant can submit only one application. The application and the documents which are attachments to the application referred to in § 22, Paragraph 3, Subparagraph 1-5 of the Rules and Regulations of the 9th Open Competition are to be drawn up using the application generator available here: http://otwartykonkurs.cprdip.pl. The generated document should then be printed in PDF format and sent to the address: Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, Office for Research and Projects, Jasna Street 14/16A, 00-041 Warsaw. The application and the necessary attachments should be completed in Polish, signed by an authorised person or persons authorised to make declarations of will on behalf of the applicant.

The application may also be submitted in the form of an electronic document by means of electronic communication within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means. Such a document should bear a qualified digital signature, a trusted signature or a personal signature. The application submitted in the form of an electronic document shall be sent to the following e-mail address: cprdip@cprdip.pl, with a note in the title of the mail reading "9th Open Competition". After submission of the application in the form of an electronic document, information about this fact shall be sent to the following            e-mail address: cprdip@cprdip.pl.

Until when can the applications be submitted?

Applications may be submitted until March 10, 2020. The beginning of the project to which the application refers should not be planned earlier than two months after the end of the call for proposals. The deadline is determined by the date of reception of the application by the Centre.

Who is responsible for the selection?

After the end of the call for proposals, applications are subject to formal evaluation. Those that meet the required criteria (Rules and Regulations of the 9th Open Competition § 21 paragraphs 1-3) will be submitted to a five-member Competition Commission appointed by the Centre's Director. At the Commission's meeting, each of its members presents his or her opinion on each application, after which, through discussion, the Commission adopts resolutions in which it proposes to award a grant and its amount or refuse to award a grant. After reviewing the assessment of the application by the Competition Commission, the Director of the Centre shall either grant the amount proposed by the Commission or refuse to provide funding for the project

In what amount is the grant awarded?

The Centre's grant cannot exceed 80% of the project budget. It is, therefore, necessary for the applicant to share at least 20% of the budget. The applicant's own contribution may be financial, material or personal. It can be e.g. voluntary work – its value should be estimated by multiplying the minimum hourly rate (this year it is 16,00 PLN) by the number of hours worked by the volunteer during the project implementation. It may also be a material contribution: providing the room or equipment necessary for the implementation of the project, etc. The financial means obtained by the applicant from other sources and payments of the project participants are also considered as own contribution. We do not specify neither the maximum nor the minimum amount of funding the applicant can apply for.

What can the funds from the grant be used for?

The funds from the Centre's targeted grant can be used to cover the participants' travel, accommodation, and food expenses, as well as their fees, as long as this is provided for in the budget – in accordance with the Rules of the Competition, they are included in the substantive costs. The salary of the accountant and other persons involved in the project’s support, administrative costs, promotion costs, etc. can also be subsidized. It shall not be possible to cover the costs borne before the date of concluding the agreement on co-financing of the project or after its completion. No financing is planned for the purchase of fixed assets.

How is the grant paid out?

The date of transfer of funds from the Centre's targeted grant is specified in the agreement on co-financing of the project. The applicant declares in the application the form of co-financing (once or in blocks).

By when does the project have to be completed?

The project must be completed not later than October 31st of a given year.

We don't subsidize:

The following projects will not be considered to be in line with the objectives of the competition: journeys undertaken for the purposes of study, tourist trips, commercial projects, participation in language courses, as well as publishing projects and youth exchanges.

Templates of documents:

Ogloszenie o IX Otwartym Konkursie 2020

Regulamin IX Otwartego Konkursu 2020

Wzor informacji dotyczacej osiagniecia zysku z przedsiewziecia 2020

Wzor sprawozdania z realizacji przedsiewziecia 2020

Wzor umowy o dofinansowanie przedsiewziecia 2020

Wzor wniosku o udzielenie dofinansowania 2020 

If you have additional questions, please contact us:

Małgorzata Szniak, + 48 22 295 00 40, otwartykonkurs@cprdip.pl

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