6th Open Competition in numbers:

  • A total of 62 applications were submitted for the  6th Open Competition – two of them after the deadline.
  • Applicants sought funding in the total amount of PLN 1,684,872.00.
  • For the formal errors, 2 applications were left unanswered.
  • The remaining 56 applications were sent for a substantive evaluation by the members of the Competition Commission, which at the meeting on April 24, 2017, recommended the funding of 25 projects for a total amount of PLN 315,750.00. All recommended projects were approved by the director of CPRDU.
  • As a result of the competition procedure, the following entities received the funding:

    1. The Joachim Lelewel Foundation – Educational project "Commemoration of the defense of the Eastern Borderlands against the Soviets in September 1939"
    2. Association of municipalities "Polish Gothic castles" – a tourist  game "On the cultural routes of north-eastern Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast"
    3. Institute of Tolerance Łódź – Conference  Communist regime in Polish and Russian memory
    4. Kama Kuik – A line, a stain, a colour, and a feather – workshops  and an art competition for children and youth of Polonia
    5. Foundation "Pieśniarze" – Włodzimierz Wysocki Song Festival, Volodia near Strzeliniec
    6. Kuźnia Inicjatyw Lokalnych Lisewo –  Dialogue and Understanding of Cultures in Lisewo
    7. The City Kindergarten No. 10 Świat Fantazji in Słupsk – Polish-Russian kindergarten dance club
    8. Center for Supporting the International Initiatives – A series of debates and lectures  "New Narrative – 2nd edition"
    9. Parents' Council at Primary School No. 2 in Słupsk – Workshop of Russian puppet theater
    10. 10.  OrthNet Association – Silent Light – the All-Night Vigil of S. Rachmaninoff

    11. Foundation "Nośna" –  "Artist Talk" - an open meeting with a Russian artist David Ter-Oganyan (contemporary visual arts)

    12. Kultura Nie Boli Foundation – Big Book Festival

    13. Center for Culture, Sport and Tourism in Świerzawa – Panorama of Russia

    14. The The University of Warmia and Mazury Olsztyn –  Scientific conference "25 years of Polish-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborly and Friendly Cooperation – an attempt to review the quarter-century of Polish-Russian relations"

    15. Association for the Development of the Disabled AMICUS – "We paint matryoshkas, dance, sing – we have Russian soul"  (integrating artistic activities for the intellectually disabled)

    16. Wspieram Foundation – Polish Film Festival in Russia "Vistula"

    17. Poland-East Cooperation Association, Wielkopolska – Scientific  and Discussion Session "Contemporary Reception of the 1917 Revolution"

    18. Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences – "Protection of the Culture of Linguistic / Ethnic Minorities" (workshops for activists of NGOs from the North Caucasus and scholars dealing with these issues in Poland)

    19. Institute of Central and Eastern Europe – "They. Migrants in Russia in the lens of independent Russian reporters"  (exhibition and debate)

    20. The University of Warsaw – The University Library –  Polish and Russian cultural heritage in the library collections p. 2

    21. TŁOKA  Association – A series of events commemorating the martyrdom of Poles condemned by the Germans to death for helping the Red Army soldiers, who escaped from the German camps.

    22. Association "F jak wszyscy" –  Moscow CHOR EXPO and its musical effects

    23. Wspólna Europa Foundation – Journalism in times of misinformation. How to write about Poland in Russia and about Russia in Poland

    24. Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe – PO-Rozmawiajmy. A seminar for teachers from Poland and Russia

    25. Ari Ari Foundation – Wandering exhibition Russian collectibles

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