7th Open Competition in numbers

  • A total of 78 applications were submitted for the competition, out of which 14 were left unanswered due to formal reasons;

  • Out of 64 applications submitted for assessment, the Competition Commission at its meeting on 13 April 2018 decided to fund 23 projects;

  • The total amount of funding amounted to PLN 327,270.00.

As a result of the competition procedure, the following entities received funding:

1. The City of Łódź – High School No. 15 - 7th National Festival of Russian Song for students of lower and upper secondary schools.

2. Association "Babska Rzeczpospolita Klwów" – A train coming from afar, i.e. music and cuisine travels around Poland and Russia

3. Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences – International Scientific Conference "Russian Literature and Culture in Interwar Poland".

4. Educational Foundation SIŁACZKA – History is a woman. A series of interactive historical and social workshops and city games on women's rights in the history of Poland and Russia, as well as stereotypes concerning Polish and Russian women.

5. Association Mosty Europy – Totalitarian regime in Poland and Russia – publication of post-conference materials

6. Wspieram Foundation - Polish Film Festival "Vistula" in Russia

7. Association of Creators "Cztery wymiary to dla nas za mało" – Kontakt-Lubimovka. Presentation of the latest Russian dramaturgy at the International Theatre Festival Kontakt 2018

8. Foundation for Regional Development BIELIK – Commemoration of Soviet soldiers killed on Polish territory – broadening the knowledge about Soviet cemeteries on the website 1945.pl

9. Center for Supporting International Initiatives Poznań – "New Narration" – disinformation vs. dialogue and cooperation in the NGO sector

10. Social Cooperative Odblask – Tell me about yourself. Review of intercultural cinema – 2nd  edition  RUSSIA

11. Polish Foundation of Stage Artists Plac Teatralny – Grotowski – from shamanism to theatre

12. Wspólna Europa Foundation – Russian Civil Society by journalists' pen

13. European Solidarity Centre – "All About Freedom" Film Festival in the Kaliningrad Region

14. Adam Mickiewicz The University in Poznań (Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism) – Polish-Russian doctoral symposium and open lectures "New Challenges in Studies on Politics".

15. Joanna Kwiatkowska – Development of the documentary film "Poles in Russia".

16. Nośna Foundation – New Urban Reality 2.0 – a group exhibition of Russian street art

17.  Foundation for Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe – a cycle of Polish-Russian-Lithuanian conferences and debates

18. The Witold Dynowski Ethnographic Workshop Association – Travelling with anthropology: Russia

19.  Aleksandra Daniluk – Scientific Project "Poland and Russia through the Eyes of the Young Generation".

20. Svetlana Agoshkova-Grala – 200th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Turgenev - presentation of the writer's relations with Polish culture and its representatives through reconstruction and analysis of the context "Turgenev and Poland"

21. WOT Foundation – Settling with the communist past in contemporary Russia - open-air exhibition and accompanying events

22. Pogodna Szkoła Foundation – Evening with a traveller and a bard

23. "Tygodnik Powszechny" Club in Chojnice – historical Geocaching around the  Russian soldiers camp from World War I in Łuków near Czersk 

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